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Last updated: 2003-09-10


General Information

This is a GPL'ed Perl script to update your LiveJournal from Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris. It will likely work with, but has never been tested on, other Unix-like platforms. If you don't have Term::ReadKey, you'll need to check to make sure that the commands given in $ECHO_ON and $ECHO_OFF ('stty -echo' and 'stty echo') actually do stop echoing. They will work on the systems I've been able to test on.

For major updates, watch the sclj community on LiveJournal. I'll try to make a status report weekly at SourceForge as well.


Latest: Version 3.0.2 full (this is the one you probably want), patch against 3.0.1, or patch against 3.0, released 2003-09-10.

Older: 3.0.1 full or patch against 3.0 (2003-09-09), 3.0 (2003-07-30), 2.7 (2003-06-17), 2.6.1 full or patch against 2.6 (2003-04-23), 2.6 (2003-03-22), 2.5 (2002-09-14), 2.4 (2001-12-05), 2.4-pre. Previous versions have been lost, as they were all developed on top of. If you really want, you can roll them back manually by reading the Changes file and undoing them ;)

Using SCLJ with different servers

Version 3.0 or later: When creating a server in scljed, enter the name of the server for the address. If the port and path are the same as shown in square brackets in the prompt, leave them blank.

Version 2.6 to 2.7: After the rc file creator asks about setting up a proxy, it will ask about the server to use. Say 'y' at this point. For server name, enter the name of the server, e.g. The port and path may generally be left blank, in which case the setting shown in the example will be used.

Version 2.5 or earlier: Start the client and create the rc file. When it asks for a password, hit Control-C. (If you don't have Term::ReadKey, you might need to run "stty echo" at this point.) Then edit $HOME/.livejournal/rc, and add the line (substitute the server name for if necessary):
Note that this file doesn't support any sort of comments. Save and quit, and everything should Just Work(tm). If you're using a different LJ-based service, such as DeadJournal, put their server in place of

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