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Home of C. A. "Sapphire Cat" Daelhousen <>, created because Jewel (see her website) asked me to write some poetry, and I did.

News updated 2 February 2003

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About MeA little bit about me.
AwardsThe usual awards page. Nothing special.
Copyleft and CopyrightA legal page describing what you can and can't take. This is not the usual "don't take anything" policy.
The DreamThe goals I had in mind for the Park after having it a while.
DreamtreeA walk-through realm, heavier on description than interaction, because that's what I'm good at.
GalleryMy copylefted art. More art is at my Elfwood gallery.
GuestbookProvided by Bravenet.
HTML WeaponsSome tools and tips for Webmasters. I wrote an interactive color chart and a META tag generator, which work much better without ads.
LiveJournal(external link) My journal.
LJ ClientA client written in Perl for updating my LiveJournal. For Unix-like systems, although only tested first-hand on Linux.
PoetryPoems, the seed of all that is here today.
QuotesSome quotes that tickled my fancy.
Short StoriesSome short (and some really short) stories exploring various ideas that drift through my head.
ThanksThank yous for the people and companies that made the site as cool as it is.

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