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The comic is dead. I can't be creative on a schedule, especially with no plot, maps, or any other prewriting essentials.

I got rid of the sword before explaining our victory to the drake. "There are actually seven elements. Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Void, Heaven, and Hell. But only four of those are Earthly, so it stands to reason that creatures of the Earth only associate with those four."

"But everyone knows metals are Earth! How could you have a non-Earth sword?"

"It's a metal that's not found on the Earth. We called it—or will call it—Technetium in the future. I'd guess offhand it's a Void element. In any case, it's dangerous to keep around, which is why I got rid of it so fast."

"You're amazing! I'm glad Mommy found you!" The drake licked my neck. "We have to return these gems, though. We're the only good guys who know where they are now."


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