Present - Word Comic - Questions and Answers



What's this "Word Comic"?

This is something like a normal webcomic, only told in words instead of pictures. Each Monday/Wednesday/Friday morning (except for the original episode, which appeared on a Tuesday) Eastern U.S. time, another "strip" consisting of a small number of paragraphs will be posted.

Why's it being written?

It's an experiment. I have neither a scanner nor the patience to do a graphical comic freehand by mouse. Still, I have the urge to do a webcomic-type thing, and this lets me take care of that. I have a little more talent in words than pictures, and it's easier to transmit thoughts and feelings this way.

Is this designed for some browser?

Not really. It makes some use of cascading style sheets to distinguish among dreams/reminiscence, machine lettering, magical lettering, and the like, but it should be understandable if those cues are missing.

At some point, the archives will use JavaScript to set a cookie as a bookmark in the archive, and the "Today" page will offer to return to that spot.

So in short, modern graphical browsers get extra glitz, while the comic (and the rest of the site) should remain entirely usable in everything else. I don't put fluff above content.

Couldn't the old episodes change?

The only changes I'll make are minor typo fixes. While it's technically within reach to rewrite the entire story from scratch, once it's published, it's going to stay fixed, just like normal webcomics. It's part of the experiment.

Why does the writing style vary so much?

Creativity is random, but the update schedule of the comic is not. Sometimes, the quality is hurt by the deadline, because there's not time to step back, reread, and revise the episode before it needs to be posted.

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